52 Week Photo Challenge

Feb 13, 2014

I'm not the best photographer, nor do I claim to be. Honestly I don't even feel right calling myself a "photographer". It's strictly a hobby for me as I'm sure it is for a lot of others - mainly for memory keeping and saving those little moments to be looked back on whenever. Just because it's mainly for myself though doesn't mean that I don't care what my photos look like or how they're presented. I'd still love for my photos to look as if they could have come form a professional. 
Don't we all??

Because of this and my desire to learn and grow as the paparazzo of my family, I'm setting this challenge for myself - and if anyone else is interested please join me! 
Everything's more fun with more people :)

The challenge is simply this: I've put together a list of photo prompts {in no particular order} ^ - one week will be dedicated to each of the prompts for the next year (or until all of the prompts have been used. Your choice!) It can be as many or few photos as you'd like to take per prompt. You can take only 1 photo per week or 50 - it's entirely up to you. Also, the prompts are simply to get an idea in your head of what to shoot, you can depict it in any way that you'd like. Make the photo your own - show your personality through the photographs. Have fun with it! 

I know you've probably seen about a million of these challenges around the internet but the thing that makes this one different is that every photo (for me anyway) must be taken with a camera that allows manual mode and they must all be taken as such. Manual only. NO AUTO. 

I'd love for you to follow along with me if you're interested in becoming a better photographer or just want to hone the skills you already have. If you decide to play along please let me know so I can check out your work and I'll also add a link to the bottom of every post linking back to your site and your photography for the week! So please join me!! 

I'm extremely excited about this challenge and can't wait to get started!! Let the shooting begin! 

If you want to just do this challenge for fun I'll also be posting most of my photos to Instagram so you can join me even if you don't have a camera with the manual feature, phone pictures will work fine. Just have fun with it :)

Use hashtag #simplyolivia52 for your Instagram pics!

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